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DRE2017: the Ducati Riding Experience in the Land of Motors

The Land of Motors will host one date of the Ducati Riding Experience, the Ducati academy of passion that attracted , between 2003 and today, more than 10,000 bikers from all over the world to improve their riding techniques. A very high level of teaching and instructors, prestigious locations, the entire Ducati range and great fun are the features that ensure each DRE course is  unique experience.

Misano World Circuit will host two courses , Track Warm Up and Track Master , on june 27th , 28th and 29th.

The Track Warm Up Course is the best way to approach the track for those who have little or no experience in circuit riding and want to take their first steps in a safe, controlled and totally unaggressive environment.

The course is designed to fully prepare pupils ahead of their track experience. It is structured so as to teach learners the fundamental concepts for the correct approach to riding.

The Track Master Course is designed for those who want to approach the world of competition, are already racing or want to participate in a high-level track day, and need personalised teaching to fully exploit their potential.This, the most advanced of all the DRE courses, adopts a more specific racing format, with in-depth theoretical analysis focusing on riding techniques aimed at maximum performance and its repeatability. You will also receive information on how to fine-tune your bike.

All the bikes for the Track Master will, in addition, be equipped with the DDA data acquisition system, which ensures the use of telemetry at any time.

Further information on www.dre.ducati.com